Climate Storyline

A photograph of a stormy sea

Outer Hebrides Climate Storylines was a partnership project between Làn Thìde, the Adaptation Scotland programme (delivered by sustainability charity Sniffer), the Met Office and local artist Sandra Kennedy.

Lewis-based artist, Sandra Kennedy, incorporated local climate projections produced by the Met Office with the voices of local people, to produce creative pieces reflecting on the impact of storms on the Outer Hebrides, and how climate change will affect our islands and communities in the future.

Sandra worked with climate scientist, Dr James Pope, to transmute the base Met Office climate data for the Western Isles into music through matching each element with a musical instrument. For example; wind speed represented through a trumpet and precipitation through a harp.

The result is a profound sense of the relentlessness of nature and an awareness of how the increased frequency and intensity of winter storm events in the Outer Hebrides might impact on us. The result is a call to action for us all to engage more and collectively begin planning for a region wide process of adapting to the effects of climate change.

The artworks were shared at a number of events in the Outer Hebrides, in-person and online to help prompt discussions about local climate impacts and resilience. The Tuil is Geil pieces are open access and thus free for use in community events, and will also be used by the Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership’s Climate Change Working Group to generate discussion and gather local knowledge and lived experience to inform adaptation planning activities in collaboration with the Làn Thìde partnership.

This project was funded by NERC’s Growing Roots fund, the Adaptation Scotland programme and the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network’s Pockets and Prospects Fund.

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