Author Talks: Natalie Fée

Online event, via Crowdcast

Hosted by Western Isles Libraries.

Natalie is an award-winning environmentalist, author,inspirational speaker and founder of City to Sea, a not-for-profit organisation, running campaigns to stop plastic pollution.

Natalie will be talking to Western Isles Libraries about her latest book, How to Save the World for Free, and then explore simple ways we can all save the world, while we eat, drink, sleep, work, vote, travel and play.

We know that a better world is possible. One where we all get to breathe clean air, marvel at the abundance of wildlife and enjoy life without worrying if it’s about to self-destruct. But how do we get there? And can it really be … easy? And fun? And free?

You can start by reading this book. Then try doing a few of the things it suggests.

Pretty soon you’ll know the answer to those questions (it’s yes by the way!) and you’ll be part of something lovelier than you could ever have imagined.

This book can’t save the world, but you can.