Outer Hebrides Climate Rationale & Case for Action

The Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership Climate Change Working Group has developed a Climate Rationale, in collaboration with the Adaptation Scotland programme, to develop a shared understanding of the climate challenge in the Outer Hebrides, and to help identify priorities for action to improve climate resilience with the wider Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership (OHCPP).

This Climate Rationale presents an overview of the changing climate for the Outer Hebrides:
• How our climate is changing, based on global, national and local climate trends and projections
• How the changing climate has or may impact the people, environment and economy of the Outer Hebrides

Read the OHCPP Climate Rationale

An accompanying Case for Action presents the Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership’s Climate Change Working Group’s (OHCPP CCWG) strategic response to the climate challenge for the Outer Hebrides and how it may be delivered through our vision, purpose and priorities for action.  As part of delivering the Case for Action, a Call to Action for OHCPP members will be developed which presents a pledge or commitment we need to stand behind and act upon in response to the climate challenge for the Outer Hebrides.

Read the OHCPP Case for Action

The Climate Rationale and accompanying Case for Action have been developed by the OHCPP CCWG in collaboration with Adaptation Scotland.  They are not intended to present a comprehensive overview of all information and evidence about climate change impacts in the Outer Hebrides but to provide an overview of CCWG-gathered evidence which has been used to identify initial priorities for action. Both documents will be presented to the full OHCPP for signoff and approval later in 2022, and will continue to be updated as further information and evidence is gathered by the CCWG to support its activities.



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