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Share your stories as we explore connections between local experiences of winter storms and Met Office climate change modelling!

We are embarking on an art project which will combine local people’s lived experiences of stormy weather with Met Office analysis of how winter storms are likely to change in future. This will be developed into a creative climate Storyline for the Outer Hebrides, and used to help us think about climate change and how it will affect our islands and communities. We would love to hear your stories, observations and thoughts about how you and your place experience winter storms and stormy weather, and how this might be changing.


Impacts can be personal or professional; large or small scale; emotional or physical – anything and everything you remember or associate with storms is of interest. Some questions you might want to reflect on as you think about past winter storms you have experienced: 

  • What are your oldest memories of severe weather?
  • Do you feel like our climate has changed since you were a child? How?
  • How does a bad storm affect you practically? Do you often get power-cuts? Do storms disrupt your work? Do storms affect you financially?
  • What worries you about stormy weather- you or your family’s and neighbours’ safety? Animals under your care? Your house or boats? Garden, plants and crops?
  • How does a storm affect you in other ways, do you feel stressed, frightened, does it stop you sleeping, does the weather stop you from being able to socialise or exercise?
  • Have you ever been caught outdoors or at sea when a storm started?

Specific locations and dates are also really helpful -we know the same storm event can impact places across the islands very differently.

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