We Have No Words

Coastal scene from the Isle of Lewis
We Have No Words is a feature documentary and collaborative community arts project exploring the relationship between language, art, music and the climate crisis on the Isles of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides.
The project seeks to both explore and develop the ways in which local communities, faced with the ever present manifestation of anthropogenic climate change, experience these changes and work to communicate their emotions and experiences through words. Through the central emphasis on music and art, We Have No Words explores the limitations of language when it comes to articulating the climate crisis and encourages a move beyond verbal and written language to help us convey this almost indescribable subject.
Landscape scene of Isle of Lewis
The project is run by Rosa Prosser, a documentary filmmaker from the Lake District, with co-direction from Zoe Macinnes, a filmmaker and artist from the Isle of Lewis.
If you are interested in this project, please don’t hesitate to contact Rosa Prosser for more details or to see how you can be involved: rosa.prosser83@gmail.com


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